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Treatment Fees

This office offers several different types of braces, and smile enhancement techniques so you can be proud of your smile. The needs of each individual patient can vary dramatically. As such there can be a wide range of fees depending on which smile enhancement procedure you choose.

Please call the office to speak with a representative who can give you a fairly accurate estimate of treatment fees based on your wants and needs. An exact fee will be given to you at your free consultation appointment.


This office submits to all insurance companies. If you have adult orthodontic coverage your insurance should reimburse up to a certain amount. We will check on your insurance for you. We will find out all the details on how your specific company handles orthodontic claims for you as well as the amount they are likely to reimburse.

Payment Options

The goal of this office is to make treatment affordable for you. As such, we offer numerous payment options so finances do not have to be a barrier to you receiving the smile you always dreamed of.
A Smile You Can Afford!
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